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Tzolkin - Mayan Sacred Calendar

The Sacred Mayans Calendar understands that the year or a ring as they used to call it, is formed by 20 cycles of 13 days. These cycles are called Wave Spell and each of these waves have specific energies that help in our evolutionary process.

On March 9th 2023, we started the Wave Spell of the World Bridge or Death as this seal is known by the Mayans.

This was a period of death on all levels. Death of the ego, death of what no longer serves us, closing cycles... This seal, while helping us to close cycles, helps us to open new ones. So it may be that people or situations from the past may have come into your life to really close this cycle or that people and situations have come into your life to introduce you to the new cycle. It is an intense moment of transformation. Often challenging.

After all, it's not easy to let the ego die, face death or close cycles we're still attached to.

On March 22nd 2023 we begin the cycle or Wave Spell of the Storm. After we've closed

cycles, the Storm takes away what no longer serves us. If there was a cycle that you had difficulty closing, the Storm will take from you. This wave is common sometimes for us to feel really in the middle of the storm, without ground and trying to grab things when they are being pulled by you. Shake it all! The Storm says that when the storm passes, it removes the dry leaves from the trees and leaves the leaves green. It reminds you that what will be taken away is what no longer serves you. It also teaches that like a hurricane, the eye of the hurricane is static. So seek your center internally, even in the midst of the storm.

On May 5th 2023, we started the new cycle, the Human cycle. You must be feeling better, right? The natural cycles are all connected. We still have Mercury retrograde until May 15th 2023. But things are already harmonizing and there are no more solar and lunar eclipses as in past cycles.

This wave Spell of the Human present to you The Who is the being you become after closing cycles and the whole transformation process you experienced in the past cycles.

We hope that the last few cycles have made us more human. What does it mean to be an integral being, who lives by high values. The seal of the human also teaches us to make choices through the connection of the mind with the heart. Never just with the heart or just with the mind. This wavespell also teaches us about free will. There are several possibilities, but not all are for you. Some are not alignment with your life purpose and some you just don't like. And also be aware of possibilities that you choose without conscience that are not really for you.

On May 18th 2023 we will enter the cycle of the Serpent. Where we will learn through the

energy of instinct, life force and pleasure. Be aware! This is a wave where it's common to feel a lot of desire and sexual pleasure. More than usual, hope you enjoy! If you have a partner, schedule a sex date.

The serpent is a blind animal guided by instinct and heat. So this wave invites us to ask ourselves: What really gives me pleasure? And is that pleasure aligned with higher values, or is it just pleasure for its own sake? What my instincts are trying to tell me. It's very important to look for activities that help you connect with your body to learn to listen to your body.

This wave is an opportunity to pay more attention to how we are taking care of our survival, dedicating ourselves more to our projects and seeing if they are getting enough energy to stay active. We should also focus more on ourselves, purify our emotions and do our best to maintain our inner peace.

In other words… BEWARE of every thought and feeling that passes through you these days. This wave offer a great energy flow for both sides and that everything we create has amplified power.

Be careful, too, not to let yourself be slaughtered by ill-qualified thoughts. If something crosses your mind that you don't want, immediately think about what you want, instantly replacing the negative vibration with something you want and believe to be positive.

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