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Embody the Irresistible Feminine

I ´m not surprise by the power of the

feminine energy,

I ´m surprise for you don´t use it

I am a businesswoman who for years of my life used masculine energy to conduct business, llead my team, my company and my life.

This energy works but also when is out of balance, creates stress, frustration, anger, conflict, turmoil, and discouragement in our lives and relationships.

And when we have reversed polarity, we also attract people with reversed polarity. When we return to our polarity, we return to our natural state. And it relaxes. And it's like we open up to the world.

If you don't do this activation consciously, you reverse the polarity and then it becomes much more difficult to have a healthy relationship.

Why Activating your Feminine Energy?

When a woman activates the feminine, she becomes happy, light, affectionate, relaxed.

When she is in the masculine, she wants to control the result, she is stressed, giving orders all the time.

This lightness is extremely attractive to the masculine!

Attraction isn't physical, it's pheromones. You change your behaviors, you change your energy and it attracts. Attract the male who wants to protect you.

IMPORTANT! This should not be a need, but a preference!

Once you activate your feminine energy, you become magnetic because this energy is about receiving. So you begin to be prosperous, abundant and attracts better situations and possibilities into your life. This lightness is not only attractive to men, but to everyone around her.

Please note, that is ok to be masculine at work or when we need. This is extremely health to be able to navigate between both energies. The problem is when the polarity is inverted or when you are vibrate in a masculine energy unconscious.

And also, if you spend your work day being masculine, you need to be able to go back to the feminine. This is like go back to home after a work.

But it is also possible to thrive and lead with feminine energy and for us women it is even more powerful.

What is the Feminine Energy?

The key words for feminine energy is care, nutrition and keep life. This energy is extremely powerful

and transformative. This magnetic force attracts things to it. The feminine is not fragile!

When a woman activates her feminine energy she automatically wants to take care of other people. But it is important to realize that the desire to help cannot be driven by need or by expecting something in return.

So for feminine energy to be activated, it is essential that the woman is full. To do this, a woman needs to take care of herself, nourish herself and love herself fully and only then take care of others.

To explain this better, I'm going to talk about the 3 forms of relationships that exist.

What is the relationship with the divine

The relationship with yourself

And the relationship with each other

A woman needs to prioritize her relationship with the divine above all else, then her relationship with herself and then her relationship with others. Let's understand this better.

Relationship with the divine

Externally woman is governed by culture and society and internally by divine feminine archetypes.

It doesn't matter what your belief is. God, universe, buddha, love, religion, nature. It is essential for women to connect with the divine and nurture this daily.

Much of feminine values and abilities are connected to that part of life that is not explained. Faith, intuition, feeling, and creating life is an ability of the divine. A woman needs to connect with this source of love and nourish herself from this source on a daily basis.

Another important reason for a woman to nurture a daily connection with the divine is to connect with the love that comes from the divine. And so she connects with unconditional love. Because she feels loved by the divine and so she does not expect love from anyone. She is full of this love.

Follow some suggestions of how to connect with the divine daily

  • Meditation

  • Pray

  • Nature

  • books or sacred wisdom

  • women circle

The relationship with yourself ( Self-esteem)

You need to feel in love for yourself. And take care of yourself as you are a divine temple.


If you want to attract love, you need to become love.


Women need daily self-care routines. She needs to feel good about herself above all else. When a woman is not feeling well with herself, she should not take care of anyone. She should focus on getting well. This may seem selfish. But remember that in order for you to really do something for others, out of the pure desire to do it, you need to be full.

So make your pleasure and your care a priority. Feel good, love yourself fully. And so you will overflow with love and feel invaded by a deep desire to help. Only in this way is caring for others genuine and will come from a nourished feminine energy. You will feel the difference and so will others.

Follow some suggestions of Self-care routine

  • Yoga

  • Dance

  • Art

  • Things that gives you pleasure

  • Make your home beautiful

  • Looking after your body

  • Looking after your skin, hair, nails

  • Sauna

  • Buy litle gifts

  • Feeling beautiful

  • Find your own style

  • Herbs bath

  • Practicing self - love

  • Essencial Oils - Self-massage

  • Massage

  • Give yourself pleasure

The relationship with other people


With that in mind, prioritize your self-care When you are full of love, you just can give love! You know who you are, so you honor yourself!

Activating the feminine energy

Last but not less important an magic

Herbal and flower bath

3 red roses

21 cloves

6 Cinnamon sticks

Boil the cinnamon and cloves for about 3 min in 2 liters of water.

Turn off the heat and throw in the rose petals. Leave to infuse for about 10 minutes. Then strain into a basin and mix with cold water at a pleasant temperature. Take a shower as usual and then pour a portion over your body like the last bath water.

Important. For this ritual the water must flow, so you should pour the water on your body not fill a bathtub with water and get in.

Stay a few minutes without drying off, then dry off.

My suggestion is to potentiate the effect even more by doing each process like a ritual. When mixing the herbs and flowers, have a candle, incense and relaxing music in the kitchen. Also prepare the bathroom as a ritual space. And put full intent on your activation ritual.

Remember in the past, the same stove that made food was used for alchemy

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