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“When we understand the scale of the megacrisis,

we realize there's nothing that can be done

about what's going on inside

ancient system of behavior and belief.

You cannot stop an evolutionary change that is

encoded in the entire system process of a

living planet like the earth.

The only meaningful answer to such a transition

how is it happening now

change our consciousness to face it.

And this is precisely the recipe

that increases and affirms

the coming of



Dr. José Argüelles,


The Mayans are the fourth dimensional time keepers on our planet. When José Arguelles began to study the Mayan codes left in the pyramids and tombs, he understood that they were time codes.

This was the beginning of the study of the Law of Time. The Law of Time is a set of different natural "calendars", ancient and galactic wisdoms. Here we are going to talk about two calendars: the 13 moon calendar and the Tzolkin calendar that uses Mayan kin.

The ancient Mayans considered the natural cycles of life, and they counted time through a mathematical, numerological, astrological, psychological and poetic system. In order to sync up with what they wanted to create.


The Law of Time is knowledge of the whole system, which means it is both intuitive and logical and results from the premise that the whole is in the part and the part is in the whole. Time is the frequency that establishes the synchronicity of the Universe.


"Who owns your time, owns your mind. Own your own time and you will know your own mind."

Time is of the mind

Time is the evolution of consciousness.

Time is the Universal Factor of Synchronization.

Time is Art!

Synchronicity is the norm of the universe. The Law of The Time enters us into the synchronic order that opens us to new energy patterns. The synchronic codes are the mathematical grammar of telepathy.

Nothing is mundane. Nature is precise, elegant, and mathematical. Everything is coded and part of a larger cosmic design.

Correct understanding of natural time opens us to the vast realm of synchronicity and the synchronic order — it is here that we will find new solutions to the challenges that face us, both individually and globally.


Kins are seals that were left by the Mayan civilisation that facilitate access to our Galactic memory.


Termas are codes that were saved in the past that become decoded for those who find them in the future, in the exact moment that the information that they contain becomes necessary.

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Your Galactic Signature

it works as an oracular tool of self-knowledge, which will help you get in touch with your own essence and processes of your life, allowing you to have a greater direction and understand in depth the energies present in you.


By reading the Tzolkin (spiritual calendar used by the ancient Mayans), combined with the 13 Moons Synchronous, which tunes us to the natural cycles (of the Earth, Sun, Moon and Cosmos), it is possible to find its Galactic Signature.


From there, you will be able to understand different aspects of your life, such as: main energies that compose you; main challenges; incarnate purpose; way of behaving to accomplish your purpose; relationship with work and service; among many other issues.

Your Galactic Signature is also an terma. Once you access this Seal, it will help you to remember who you truly are and access Galactic Memory. 


Some Mayans believe that the illnesses and misfortunes of life arise, in part, because we are not connected to our essence and because we distance ourselves too much from our birth gifts, which is something extremely common in our modern society.


Because of this, reading is for anyone who feels they need to reconnect with themselves and find answers about who you are, so you can have guidance based on your essence and what is already present in you.

Your galactic signature is your passcode into higher dimensions; it a gateway or portal to discover different aspects of your being. Meditate on your signature to unlock its unique frequency code.

Soul Map reading session

The session take 1:30 our 2:00 hours and can be done face to face in Lisbon or online. 

The options are:

- Individual Soul Map reading 

- Soul Map reading for couple to harmonize and understanding the purpose of the relationship

- Your Annual Galactic Map 

- 7 year cycles

law of the time course.png

Law of the Time Workshop

The New Galactic Knowledge to Access the 5th Dimension

  • Introduction to Universal Order of Time

  • Deconstructing and Reconstructing Time

  • Tzolkin, Time is of the 4th Dimension

  • 20 Seals, Story of Creation

  • 3 Galactic Tones – Journey from Purpose to Presence

  • Mayan Dreamspell Cosmology

  • Activate Chakras

  • 13 Moons

  • Interpreting and reading the energies of the day

  • Understanding and interpreting planetary and natural cycles

  • Interpreting and reading Soul Map of you and other people

Agenda of 2023 coming soon


  • Delicious healthy and vegetarian lunch

  • and study material 

  • Activation gift box



I am the builder of the worlds that will come

In interdimensional architecture

I prepare the way of wisdom for you to remember

Know, Heal and Accomplish

I also point out these words for you to realize

Through all your actions

Because I am the keeper of the pact

That binds all knowledge to the healing of the world's soul

The code is in my being



During more that 20 years I have been traveling inside myself and around the world seeking in a continuous process and practicing in my life. I heal myself and I heal others and a in a continuous process.


I always felt a calling for live for a biggest purpose. This is why I do every single thing I do. My seek make me open a a business that helps foreings to stabilish in Brazil. We colaborate with companies as L'Oreal, Omega, Mitsui entre outras a se estabelecerem no Brasil.


I've been running this company for 11 years and I put all this knowledge into practice. The way of leading is dealing with my team, taking care of my clients and in everyday challenges.

Marcelle was initiated on Sacred Enneagram and Mayan Oracles. She is a  specialist in the anthropological Enneagram, certified The University of Consciousness and also a facilitator of The Law Of The Time certified by Instituto da Lei do Tempo. 


She has carried out workshops around the world. She has also studied mindfulness, astrology, emotional intelligence, and international public speaking. Additionally, she organises and leads retreats focussing on expanding consciousness. 



I studied with the best masters on all continents. I was initiated in Tarot, Enneagram Ancestral Wisdom, Mayan Oracles, Laws of Time, Multidimensional Therapy among others.


I am an international speaker, I conduct courses, trainings and retreats in different parts of the planet.



Get in Touch!

Whatsapp or telegram +5521998282335

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