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It is time for the flowering of consciousness

The seed wave helps us to make our projects, dreams and consciences flourish.

Remembering: this reading is the reading of the Tzolkin - The sacred Maya calendar. In this calendar, the year is divided into 20 waves of 13 days each, totaling 260 days. In each of these waves there is a specific energy that influences our lives. Being aware of these energies helps us in our evolutionary process.

The Prophecy. Portal Moment

This 13-day period beginning today, June 26, 2023 and ending on July 8, is a prophetic moment within the calendar. Full of galactic portals. Which means we're getting a lot more information. This information can be wonderful or challenging. So be aware of the present moment, the synchronicities and higher messages. Be receptive and aware.

My reading of this seed wave

It's a propitious moment to make a dream, a project or to awaken consciousness flourish.

Initially for everything we need to accomplish, we need clarity. So take some time to get clear on what you want to accomplish. Many times we have a deep desire to accomplish something and that something seems to be clear, but maybe it is not. Write on a paper with details what you want to accomplish.

Using the seed analogy, first understand what your seed is.

Once you have more clarity about what you really want, or what your seed is, it's time to plant your seed. In other words, start planning, define strategies. Or define what type of soil you should plant your seed in, or where exactly you should be. After that, you need to know how to take care of your seed, how much water is needed, does it need fertilizer or not. Or what resources do you need? Need to talk to someone? need to study? Need to create new routines? Start exercising? Exercise your creativity?

After that it takes focus and patience. The seed has the right time. If you remove the soil beforehand, it will never bloom, and if you stop watering too.

A tip for this period is to try to do what needs to be done with more beauty, love and elegance. It will help you with the focus you will need!

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