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The Enneagram is an ancient system for greater self-awareness and self-understanding. It opens the door to your own internal compass and truth. 

It’s a Map of the Soul outlining 9 distinct soul essences. By understanding your own essence, you can understand what makes you uniquely happy and be prepared to make better choices in your life.

The Sacred Geometry of the Enneagram brings out self-awareness. It makes everyone recognize in themselves what they lack and what they want. 


It’s a path for the observation, understanding, acceptance, transformation and integral growth.


The Enneagram is a clear map of the nine paths to our highest self-expression


It teaches you the way to operate, to not just give the best of yourself but be the best you. Being connected is truly living. And to live the best version of yourself is the purpose of your existence.

What problem does it solve?/What can it do for you? 


Allows you to see the habits that are holding you back from your true joy


It maximizes each type's potential and minimizes predictable pitfalls


letting go of troublesome habits, improving relationships, and increasing inner freedom

Revealing insights into the deepest motivations, fears, and desires of each type


Free yourself from social conditioning.

How The Enneagram Works 


The Enneagram shows us who we are, where we are, and the way to integrate ourselves in the light of our essence.  It teaches us the trajectory of an autonomous life, bringing our integrated conscience to our awareness and free will.


 what is the purpose of the group or the relationship and how to achieve that based on the best version of each essence.


It gives us the option to embrace our unique gifts. It allows you to develop fully into the best version of yourself. 


Enneagram works with the human soul, with your deepest being, so it is transformative and liberating. 

How can you achieve excellence through our own personal essence?

You must go deep into this true wisdom and implement what you learned. Only then will you truly realize what the sacred geometry of the enneagram is. 


Otherwise, the Enneagram is just a superficial personality typology tool, when it is actually a far more powerful and profoundly transformative wisdom. 


This incredibly important wisdom increases YOUR POWER TO CHOOSE. You’re not just a  character anymore. You will no longer be at the mercy of your autopilot behaviours. 


You can act with intention. 


Your essence is immutable, what changes are the influences that you suffer throughout your life, forming your behavior and your personality, making you  live the character formed by your fears.


You can take this journey to freedom that leads you to knowledge so you can live with presence.




The 5 Step Process to Implementing Enneagram Wisdom into your life 



Session 1 (free 15 min)  - Explain the enneagram process and get acquainted with yourself at this moment, your challenges and/or goals.


Session 2- Find your essence. If this is a group or couple the process will involve finding the essence of everyone involved. For that we will explain how all the 9 Enneagram Essence work, how they think, how they see reality, how they perceive life... and we will help you to find yours.


Step 3 – After knowing your Essence, we will understand how your present moment is and we will teach you how your essence is and what to do to achieve what you want. This is like giving you a manual about your soul. On that step you need to answer a questionnaire and send it back to us.


Session 4 – Here we will give you a deep understanding about your life in the present moment according to Enneagram. And what you have to do to achieve everything you want according to who you are. We will set your goals by understanding who you are. 

Session 5  (free) Feedback call after 4 weeks. The purpose of this call is understanding how you are according to the goals we set, and answer your questions. 

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