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The heart as a great Multidimensional Portal

When we talk about the heart, we often misunderstand what the power of the heart is. By accessing the heart chakra, we first access unconditional love and that is the vibration of the fifth dimension.

Unconditional love is not something weak, romantic that makes us submissive to others. Is quite the opposite. When we talk about unconditional love we talk about love first for ourselves. Once we are able to connect with self-love, love overflows and from then on we feel extremely strong and powerful. The feeling is that we can do anything and that we can transform everything. It is in this vibration that we accept the others, we truly accept ourselves and any situations. This felling allowed us transform what needs to be transformed and accept what we must accept.

When we see things through the eyes of love, we begin to see with an amplified conscience. To exercise this, get used to asking your heart. Is this situation good for me? How to see this through the heart?

Science has proven that the heart is our second brain. Yes, the heart is the organ of knowledge. In order to really learn something, it is necessary to feel and experience what we learn, otherwise it is just information and not wisdom. The heart is also able to guide us. Listen to your heart to know which way to go. The more you get used to making choices following your heart, the more you will be living a life of fullness, truly connected with what you really love and what your soul really desires.

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