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Galactic and natural cycles

In nature everything happens following natural cycles. Only the human being is a species that lives completely disconnected from nature

Since antiquity we have been following natural calendars that help human beings to connect with the flows of nature and flow with them.

The Gregorian calendar that we follow in our society is a calendar created in a completely mechanical way that does not follow any natural cycle. Because of this, it's very common to end a year, for example, and you don't feel that something has really ended or often in March you have the feeling like, wow, it's already March! This artificial time count is not perceived by the mind.

A natural calendar can be felt by the mind, our body and our emotions. Some of the natural calendars are:

Moon phases

Astrological calendar

13 moon calendar

Tzolkin - Mayan Sacred Calendar

In the newsletters I will explain the energies of the cycles using the 13 Moon Calendar and the Tzolkin - Sacred Mayan Calendar and I will give tips on the phases of the Moon.

Please note, what I am going to share is an oversimplification of extremely complex content known as the law of time. This is a science that I have dedicated myself to studying and experiencing for the last 10 years. By living this knowledge in a practical way in my life and understanding its potentials, I have a huge desire to share. But I will only share the interpretation of current cycles so that you can understand the energies around you. If you want to understand more, tell me that I can share more material or even think about opening a course.

Studies of the Law of Time arose from the decoding of the Mayan codes. When researchers started to decode what was left in the pyramids, they understood that what the Mayans left were time codes. And when those codes were activated, it started a whole new science.

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