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13 Moons Calendar

The 13 Moons Calendar is not just a count of days, but a synchronic frame of reference for tracking patterns of synchronicity.

The 13 moon calendar is a calendar used by many ancient civilizations. The year is divided into 13 moons of 28 days and one day out of time. This day out of time marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of another cycle. It is understood here that when a cycle ends it is important to take a break to finish the old one before starting a new cycle.

This calendar was forgotten and was rescued by the Mayan culture researcher José Arguiles.

This new knowledge is known as the Law of Time. Studies of the Law of Time arose from the decoding of the Mayan codes. When researchers started to decode what was left in the pyramids, they understood that what the Mayans left were time codes. And when those codes were activated, it started a whole new science.

We will not delve into this topic as it is quite dense and complex. Let's stick to the interpretations that we can include in our daily lives.

At this calendar, the year starts on the 26th of July and ends on the 24th of July.

Each moon has a purpose that we as human beings feel, even if we don't know about the existence of this calendar. For as it is a natural calendar, it is the interpretation of the energies that are present.

Note that in this calendar we are synchronized with the energy the moon is vibrating in and not with the phase of the moon. So a moon doesn't necessarily start in the new moon phase.

The first moon of the year is the Magnetic Moon of Purpose. The name is Magnetic because it magnetizes. It's as if during this period you magnetize people, information and situations to present you with what the purpose of the year will be.

The second moon of the year is the Lunar Challenge Moon. Where the challenge for you to accomplish your life purpose or the purpose of the year will be presented to you.

And so on. Let's talk about current cycle predictions.

Between the 2nd of May 2023 until the 29th of May 2023 we are under the influence of the Spectral Moon of the Serpent. It is the Moon of Liberation. This release has two meanings. One is to release in the sense of delivering a service, a project, a product. The other meaning is letting go, letting go of what no longer serves you.

The best way to understand this period is a snake shedding its skin. This skin exchange is extremely sore, but necessary. The snake often aids this process by stepping over rocks to shed its skin faster. So it's common at that moment for things to be taken away from you. It may be sore, but understand that what's going on doesn't serve you anymore. Don't get attached, however sore it is, release. It will be liberating!

The new cycle is the crystal moon of cooperation. Once you've freed yourself from what no longer serves your purpose in life, it's time to surrender to the spirit of collaboration. Everyone feels a strong desire to collaborate in this cycle and to be in a group. We will talk about this cycle in the next newsletter.
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